Web scraping

and data delivery services with a customized approach
Wield the web as data to become data-driven company
About us
We are experts in web scraping, data processing, and delivery. We will help you turn unstructured, disparate internet data into consistent datasets ready for analysis and use.
If you need not only data, but also any related services, such as analysis of the collected data, analytics system or any custom solution for your business related to data collection, we would be glad to help you.
eCommerce data
Retailers use our product’s data delivering services from the competitors websites. Make your business decisions based on clear and reliable market data.
Lead generation and mining b2b contacts
If you are involved in marketing or sales, you could delegate to us the process of finding leads from various sources. In addition, we can search for companies data for you, if you are focused on b2b sales.
Custom solutions for enterprises
We have wide experience in the development of custom services related to the collection and delivery of data, as well as their integration into the company's processes
How you can get your data
As a file
JSON/CSV/XML or any other format
As a database
We can put data into the database MySQL/PostgreSQL, or any other preferred one
We develop custom and unique API to fit the needs of each client
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