Our Portfolio

We have helped solve data collection problems for companies from a wide variety of industries - retail chemical industry, city municipalities, apparel manufacturing and others. Below are some examples of our projects.
Formation of unified e-commerce base in the chemical industry to strengthen the client's data-driven business.
The client is a large company in the chemical industry, who came with a request to collect e-commerce data from all competitors' websites, and create from this data a single consistent database, the largest in this sphere.
As a result of our work, the client has a complete and detailed picture of the market: which of the competitors produces a specific substance, at what price, with what characteristics, etc.
Together with analytics from the client's side, we’ve formed a complete list of 500 competitors
We approved the format of the fields (product price, chemical information, availability, etc.), the desired data delivery format, the volume of our work (we’re scraping 40-50 competitor websites monthly), and the analytics system.
For 1 year of cooperation, the database of 40 million products was collected
from ~400 websites, including fields such as chemical information, prices, availability, suppliers, etc. The client is already using the data we collect to make business decisions and form the company's strategy for the market. Also, we’re now developing a system that will be recollecting all 400 websites every day and upload relevant information to the database, together with an analytics system based on the collected data.
Analysis of the tourist attractiveness of the city
The client is an urban municipality of a small Italian town. He came with a request to analyze people's reviews in social networks about this city and its attractions, from 2017 to 2019, and highlight the dynamics. They spent a year of city development and it was important for them to get quantitative indicators of their work.
As As a result, we have collected more than 1,800,000 people reviews from Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, etc. We have developed an AI model, which determines the review’s emotional color on a scale from 1 to 10 based on the text of the review. According to the results, it became clear that the attractiveness of the city for tourists increased by 16%, and this information, along with all reporting numbers, went to the municipality.
Monitoring the prices of competitors' products for a global brand of sneakers.
The global sneaker brand came with a request to scrape the main trading platforms in the US and UK every week (Amazon, Footlocker, Zappos etc.) and collect prices from there for all products of the client's main competitors in his segment.
As a result, we have developed a system that collects more than 20,000 items daily and delivers the collection results to the client for further processing by analysts.
Conducting an audit of an anti-bot solution for a large retailer
A large Polish retailer came with a request to audit their solution to protect against bots. Considering that we are developing bots, we can also determine how successfully the resource is protected from them. Based on the audit results, we’ve found several vulnerabilities in the bot management system and successfully collected the client's product catalog. The client has already updated its defenses and got rid of bot traffic.
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